Monday, April 30, 2007

Starting out 2007 with a Brand New Coat

The web site got a major makeover, due mainly to buying a book on style sheets - wow. That's the way to go. Also, I was fortunate enough to lob onto a copy of Adobe's new suite of software to develop web sites - wow again. I spent a lot of time learning the basics of Photoshop. That took a conference and a couple of books as well.

Take a look for yourself - Brand New Coat for the site at:

Also, my fellow authors that publish with Infinity Publishing are getting organized. We are link-swapping on each other's sites to establish a broader Internet base and serve the readers. There is great diversity among those listed as Noteworthy Authors.

Also, the Fox & Quill newsletter/eMag/blog-like publication I do from the web site is back. Instead of a massive emailing, I let the readers come to the site and peruse the newsletter. Commenting back is supported. But the main concept is, this is a place where authors can vent, provide valid observation, and participate within a community of fellow authors. Come on in, the water's fine.

This has also been a busy year teaching at a local university. I have been doing classes online for a while now. The fingers, oh the fingers, I don't know if my hands will survive all this typing, which is the curse of death for a writer!

Books: Two things to report. "Orphan Records" is in second edition now. I added a chapter to explain a rather large train wreck. I originally left it to the reader's imagination, and then I got called on the carpet and ask to provide the details. It really is a major wreck. I also cleaned up some character descriptions to make a couple of dudes more accessible. There were several adjustments to sentence structure. It's all a big learning curve for me, and hopefully, provides a better read for future readers. (Now I have to go around and swap books in various libraries - Ugh.)

Also, the third novel is just about to hit the streets. It's called "Harmonics" and is about a band of rock 'n' rollers that play a cruise ship gig. They run into some dramatically difficult problems. You see the cruise is from Earth to Mars and back in the year 2162, and a couple of stowaway mutants are on a pilgrimage back to Mars. These guys are the original inhabitants, who genetic makeup on Earth was modified by DNA shifts, nuclear events, and other ill-fated experiences that left them in a genus that was originally found on Mars, at least a million years ago. Now they want to go home and stake a claim. But there are humans in the way. See the conflict? The band just wants to play, but they become embroiled in the venture. The actions is back on Earth in Las Vegas, the departure point, on Mars, where Planetary Products doesn’t welcome competition, and during the flight out and back without becoming space dust.

Let me know how you like the new coat for the web site.
Wolf-man out...

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Nice looking site, John.

Lynn (from Eons)