Friday, June 08, 2007

Beat the Heat

With all the doomsday prophets talking up global warming and another massive, deadly hurricane season approaching, I have to get jittery. Here in Southern California the days are smoothing out to our usual 70 degree days and upper 50s, lower 60s nights. The sea breeze pulls in the delicate fragrance of Eucalyptus oil as the long slender leaved trees push back gently. I don't know about you, but life isn't fun if you listen to the news. I conserve, I don't indulge, so cut me a break. I trust Mother Nature to take care of herself. If that means a major slap-down of the human race - you go girl. It's not like we don't deserve it. At least the wars would stop for awhile as we all figure out how to grow a garden and dig a latrine. I just published my third book, a science fiction story told from the point of view of a bass player in a rock band in the year 2162, so, hey, maybe we will get there. I'm too busy trying to plan a marketing season to worry if Barnes&Noble is going to be hit by terrorists tonight. Before the dog days of this summer get here, check out this new story. It will get you through the hurricanes, the terrorist, and any pirates coming up from the Caribbean. Here’s the path – “” The story is called “Harmonics.” Have a great summer – turn off the news.

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