Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rest easy, the Palladium Queen has landed.

It's been along time coming but my new book "Harmonics" is on the street.
Here's the cover:

If you are wondering, you're looking at Jarkard Station on Mars, an outpost for the Planetary Products mining company and tourist destination for cruise ships from Las Vegas, baby.

The story has more than one plotline, but focuses on the lifestyle of a rock band that plays this gig on the run to the Red Planet. The drug of choice for these rockers is DNA shifters that gives you odd skin textures and hair patterns. It's so much cooler than current trends. We're talking 2162, not that far in the future, but music is mostly synthsized for psychological compatibility. This is the story of the only rock band in the universe that still plays vintage equipment and songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80 from a couple of hundred years ago.

What the tourist or the band expects is stowaways that are going to wreck their day, being that are on a mission to go home. Home being Mars. Yes, there was life on Mars, and it's coming back!

Hope you enjoy the new pile of pulp. Let me know how the story hits you. If you want the book now, go to the publisher's site (www.BuyBooksOnTheWeb.com) and key in "Harmonics" or go to my web site and start clicking buttons ("JohnWolfBooks.com"). There's a bunch of excepts and bio blurb there that's new to this issue.

The Wolf-man

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