Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother Russia's Abortion

I woke up this morning (15 August, 2008) to the speech by Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili defying the Russian invasion into his country. I was so impressed by a western political leader standing up for the ideals that we that are farther west are so proud of, but only give lip service. This man has balls. He points out the fact that barbarian behavior has not gone away in the world. The warrior class is still here. The sick minds that brought us misery for the last 100 years are still trying to justify their madness by forcing their will on free people. It’s time to put down the ├ęclairs and lick the chocolate from our finger tips and give this man applause.

The red, white, and blue of the Russian flag is fading back to blood red with the hammer and sickle once again, which really captures the moment doesn’t it. The hammer and sickle is not an agricultural symbol; it’s a means to maim innocent people.

Most of this aggression is fueled by honor. From Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great to Putin the Angry, it’s all about Mother Russia and the glory of the State. Phooey, there is no honor in arrogance, no honor in being a bully. What the West realized after WWI was honor equates to masculinity at the State level and that causing humiliation lit the fuse for WWII. Helping German rebuild after the war was probably a wise move to avoid another angry backlash in the future. Unfortunately, masculinity also equates to getting even. We need a sign.

This same day the price of oil is dropping, the value of the dollar is raising, the stock market is up, and the price of gold and silver falling. If I were an astrologer, I would see something relevant in these stars aligning.

I feel that free people everywhere can be motivated by this unlikely man in a tiny country to see that his country’s situation is really a microcosm of the world situation. Are we going to let the barbarians corner us again? I believe it is time for the West to embrace the Ukraine and all the other neighbors around Russia to send a clear message - thugs who run countries are going to be replaced.

This time America needs the world to stand up and not just let us face this monster alone. Europe has to see the long shadow forming from the east. We have our hands full with other barbarian souls in the deserts of the cradle of civilization - what a misnomer that is.

That’s my opinion - what’s yours?

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