Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oil - the ultimate slippery slope

More sadly, Georgia is just a pawn. I believe Russia will use this invasion as a lever to try to get us to remove the missile sites in Poland. At least their ego would be stroked. They suffer from penis envy and harbor the same attitudes that Germany did after WWI. They feel humiliated and would like to see the old empire put back together again. As they gain the power to be powerful, they will do as their leaders egos direct - ours did. Mr. Bush had his little war totally against all logic. Why, because he could.

I didn't realize until just recently how Russia's oil has sparked such a huge rebuilding that is parallel to Shanghai and other places in the Middle East where this oil money does amazing things. Of course, another strong motivation is the competitive nature of mankind to take advantage of the situation. As speculators shoot the price up, only those with large quantities gain. While America stands in the bog of its self-righteousness, the rest of the world really doesn't care about polar bears and spotted owls. They see the opportunity to knock the big guy off his block while the prices are high. They are more green with envy than caring about a greener world. They want it all just like we have had in the past and our dilly-dallying around with no oil reserves we are willing to use or drill for to keep the price down has given a green light to all those that have the black stuff.

We are just now starting to realize, he who has the most barrels of oil on the dock wins. Oil just doesn't fuel SUVs. It is essential in thousands of industrial processes, medicine, and plastics. It really is a stupid policy to avoid oil because it's gooey. Find ways to deal with the polluting aspect, but don't assume that pumping from someone else's backyard is keeping us clean. This short-sightedness is going to flush our standard of living down the commode.

Wealth and knowledge power nations and while we do things to devaluate our dollar and watch others take advantage of that, and at the same time, out of foolish bragging rights, taut our knowledge to the world - see what we can do - they look, listen, and use that knowledge to walk away from us. Giving away modern technology to foreign nations is equivalent to giving them the keys to Fort Knox. The value of our nation will be diluted to the backwaters of history. At some point, places like China won’t need our markets. They will have market aplenty in their own backyard.

I find it appalling that we don’t notice that country after country is taking our technology and using it to become powerful nations. It’s just not China. Japan and Korea are still hot spots. India and certainly the Middle East in countries like Dubai, not to mention Russia. It took Japan less than twenty years to go from feudal nation to a modern industrial giant. The next in line will be even faster. The lessons are already in print. The blueprints are for sale. The means to these ends are generously on display on the Internet. If you have money, you can buy power. You can even build an A-bomb from how-to books. You just need the money to build the equipment to separate the chemicals.

We pride ourselves on putting our future in the hands of God. We believe in faith, what will be will be. Balderdash, remember God made oil. If we can't see how to cleverly deal with the world, the world is not going to sit by and share its knowledge with us. It's going to run over us with it.

John Wolf

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