Monday, September 15, 2008

Books about Nothing

The bookstores are awash in books about politics. It is surprising that so much money is spent by the public to become informed on issues that do nothing about.

I have to assume that eventually, when the couch needs replacing that we are lounging on, we will, as a people, spots and all, get up and let the cat out. The best way to get the ruling class to do something is stop buying the things we don't need, ease up on travel, and stop voting in huge spending bonds. Because when we do that, tax revenues dry up. That will bring panic to any plump politician. Be a no-tax bitch about everything and vote out old taxes. That is like invading their personal stock of Cuban cigars. They will have to come out of their caves and face us. Then maybe we can deal the issues that affect the people.

The diversity lily pads shouldn't be a problem, and I'm not talking about racial diversity, I'm talking about vested interests by whatever the mix of individuals that oppose the American standards set by the forefathers. We harbor groups that hate the mainstream, don't like little villages with picked fences, because they came here to get rich and modify the plan.

We have home grown Neo Nazis, we have street gangstas, rap-sters, urban gorillas that isolate and conquer with drugs. Our legal system doesn't have a law against them. They form tyranny groups from within, which is exactly what Thomas Jefferson foresaw as the only threat to our future. But we tolerate it. We have nations within our nation. If any one or more of these groups gain power, they will take action, breaking the country down.

We also have the not-so-rich, but have a wealth of attitude. The government owes me, I want MY share, the freeloader that has been tolerated for years, taking money out of our pockets from taxes to keep them happy. We share a mermaid of services with these folks, but they don’t pay. They demand to go to the front of the line. I'm waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way. I'll be applauding from the sidelines.

What makes me disgusted is it seems to be on every street corner now. Years ago it was in someone else's backyard. Now, I have to drive around it, step over it just to get to the grocery store. The employers aren't helping much either. Why not provide a retirement fund to help people in their old age? Why not want to provide healthcare so the employee can stay working? These things can be planned into big companies to where it doesn't affect their bottom line. But you can't do it when the CEOs take all they can get.

An MBA is a dirty word in my book. We train executives to merge, downsize, and take all they can get. I'd rather deal with the Russian mob than a smart MBA graduate. Here's where the rubber meets the road. How do we get the society as a whole to care about each other enough to pull in the same direction?

It’s one thing to take care of those with special needs and quite another to freeload when you should be contributing. Once you hit the point of no return, where more people are living off of tax money than can be taxed, the democracy fails.

None of these fancy books by every lobbyist, media anchor, or celebrity on the block have one bit of advice on how to clear up the problems, bring the society together, or provide an alternative. It’s all blah, blah, blah.

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