Monday, September 01, 2008

Sink or Swim

With all the discussion about the elections and government in general, we have an insecurity that has developed from what we’ve seen in the past, but let’s look at what’s happening in New Orleans right now. Two million people were successfully evacuated. That’s impressive, and this time they registered them as they left so their families can find them, the levees are holding, the pumps are running, it’s all good. The hospitals evacuated early and the sandbags went in before the storm got ahead of them. Hoorah for New Orleans! The politicians and the government functioned admirably.

There is going to be destruction from this storm, no doubt, but the embarrassing lackluster performance of the past has been averted. What I am saying is maybe we should give the politicians and the big government agencies applause this time. Thanks - job well done.

John Wolf

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