Friday, November 07, 2008

The After Trash of the Election

Wow, what an event a couple of days ago. America is back in the saddle again - hope is the watchword, but what about all those political candidate signs. Most are made of plastic and metal, so burning is out of the picture. Is there a recycle center for political signs? It matters not, someone will find a way to recycle them.

I've been so consumed by the burden of watching the issues and sliding down my own slippery slope of personal finances that doing any writing has come to a halt. Then Adobe announced a new product - Flex. Keep a careful eye on this Nerd revolution. Web based apps that can be built by the average guy and placed on your desktop that run in Flash - the browser plugin with horsepower.

There are so many RSS feeds out there with gobs of data, you can find out about anything, but how do you display it so it is fun to watch. One can write a program in Flex, push it through its companion program called AIR (both open source software) and pick up feeds and display them in any number of ways with style and grace. The whole thing boils down to a Flash file that the browser opens, but it's not a movie, it's every button pushing, snappy interactive thing that's ever been on the Internet. Way cool.

So what's that got to do with writing? Nothing, but it is so cool that I've wasted two months learning about it and all nighters trying to write code. I think my next novel will just be code. Why not. It tells a story and it's antimated.

Go Nerds.

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