Friday, December 19, 2008

The End of the Line

Can you feel the heat of 2009 approaching? I can - no my house isn't on fire. I just think the New Year will be great news, a breath of fresh air. I see Wall Street moguls dangling in the breeze in their Versace suits. Wool smells so bad when you’re burning at the stake. How dare they place bets with our money and laugh in our faces when the pot was lost by cavalier, foolish action. I really hope the attorney generals order their troops to line them up and show no mercy.

Well, that’s behind us now. How about the writing? I strayed away from traditional publishing once again. The torture of dealing with yet another insider controlled conglomerate situation produced a sour taste in the back of my throat, so I self-published my fourth book.

This is the one I talked about last summer, the one set in India. It seems to me many things are drawing us to that great massive country and its endless history and intrigue. I was so impressed just placing word after word with olfactory imagination filled with curry aromas. The brilliant cotton colors, the soaring Himalaya, how could you not be excited about telling a story in this setting.

What’s a story without a murder? This one is a mystery, because everyone surrounding the victims are puzzled as to who it could have been, even those that were scheming to swindle money. You can’t get blood from a turnip or a dead man. Yes, I said victims - the last relative of one of the wealthiest rajahs in Indian history and her half-brother, at least the legends about him would say he was very rich. The one about the alabaster queen and the cursed crystal of beryl that held secret messages in its dark veins running throughout an otherwise perfect gemstone is the legend that this story unfolds. This story is so old it spans the breadth of a continent from Kashmir to Xian, China - the other end of the Silk Road.

Camel trails that crossed forbidding desert are now spanned by little turboprop airplanes, a shiny white with Chinese characters on the tail that say White Dragon. The intentions are the same - seek out the wealth and take it for your own glory. The cunning plans of a gypsy people stand to protect the legend and the history of their cult. A young man and his sister discover they are in the middle of the legend. Now can they survive the competing greed to take from them the only chance to hold on to the legend and avenge their family’s great loss?

It takes a team of two sleuths that have the skills to unravel the mystery and connect the dots from London to New Delhi, from Kashgar to China. One Rupert Donaldson and his buddy James Hathaway. Put your traveling shoes on and hold on to the seat. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.