Thursday, January 29, 2009

You notice how hard it is for the rich to lose a grip on all that money. They just throw it around amongst themselves but it never really leaves Washington. Did you know the government already spent 1.2 trillion dollars at the end of last year to those that will manage the corruption of the financial industry this year. That's the group you want to work for. Most of that money was kept secret, in fact, all of it is still being kept secret. The contracts are now public record with the beneficiaries and the amounts given blacked out. So, my question is, who will get the next trillion dollars to police the ones policing the original white collar criminals. We are in a tailspin of corruption from the top down to us. This 819 billion is peanuts compared to the money fest going on behind the scenes.

Here's another question of the hour. Why are the Chinese buying up all our debt? Who would want to buy a totally corrupt country that manufactures nothing, so there is no material wealth, has no exports, and only complains about everything from pollution to politics and can't pay back their debt in a hundred years. It's stupid. What is going to happen is the burden of our debt will fall on the Chinese people when we forfeit, and why not, their a Communist country. Why should we do them any favors?

No there is no way to understand what's going on. These people are so consumed by programming their Blackberries and scheduling cocktail parties to even notice the rest of us are dying out here. What care in the world doesn't a rich guy have for a family thrown out of their house because they were so stupid as to take out a loan that would balloon into payments they would never be able to pay, has credit card debt to the moon so they could buy a lot full of SUVs at $65k a piece, HD TVs all over the house, 7.1 surroundasound stereos, college funds at Ivy League schools, a pool in the back yard, and a house that's 5000 sq ft that they can't afford to furnish. Frankly, I don't blame the politicians for ignoring our little problems. We brought it on ourselves. We are commercial junkies and have no control over our own greed. How could you expect those in government to be any different. The only difference is we just ran out of money before they did.

John Wolf