Monday, August 17, 2009

Long Time, no Blog...

Sorry, I was on another planet for the last couple of months, no really. Life forms out there aren't so bad. We all have our pluses and minuses, but for the most part, the aliens I met were civil. Here on the Blue Orb, not so much. Are people going nuts? Global warming, economic meltdown, El Nina – again!, the cola wars are blurred by too many variations on a theme – I’m confused. There are more new jobs in government than the private sector, these government types think laying-off teachers is the best way to pay bills, only about five authors are being published by the Big Five in New York – what are they thinking? We are stagnating into carbon formed blobs with no imaginations.

Ethics are driven by political spin. Truth is bartered. One man’s fact is another man’s lie. Sitting on Mars, I talked to an old blues player on the Valles Marineris Delta, and he told me to chill, there is a reckoning coming. You humans are passing through puberty. You all just need to get laid.

Well, he’s probably right. Anyway, I can’t be bothered by all that. I’m trying to get a new book out. It’s in the final draft with worker bees going over and combing out the bugs. Oops, no offense bug people. This is going to be a sad one, full of plot twists and consequence for the protagonist. Struggle and redemption are the themes – oh, and who murdered two people in Las Vegas last summer. Then there’s the jewelry heist of museum quality gems that belonged to Louis XIV. “Benny Plays the Blues” is a tale about a New York sax player that gets into hot water in Vegas, is obvious to everyone but the reader that he is a murderer and thief, but has to run for cover only to run into more trouble. Did he really do it? Maybe his laid-back demeanor is fooling the reader. He is definitely headed for disaster. You can’t run from your future. Cool.