Sunday, March 07, 2010

Author, Inc.

Greetings. If you’re in the San Diego on 22 March, I'm giving a talk on the Internet and the wired author at the SD Writers and Editors Guild meeting ( It's such a mind boggling challenge to be more that just a writer in today's world. This electronic monster called the Internet and computers in general have shoved authors out into the limelight where websites, social networking, marketing strategy, and presentation coaches are standard fare. You have to be Author, Inc. If you can find the energy, learning how to tame the beast can only be to your advantage. That’s why I lecture on the Wired Author.


Kelley said...

Sorry I missed this, John.
Be sure to check out my new book if you have a chance.

John Wolf said...

Thanks for stopping by. I rambled aimlessly at the meeting, but said a few things of value. I was pleased to find almost everyone was interested in the topic and was engaged in the discussion. So much so, I never really got to the heart of the discussion before we ran out of time.