Saturday, August 14, 2010

On Writing...

Yeah, sometimes I think being a writer has all the skill level of passing gas effectively. Think about it. Some just blast it out, break wind, and it gets the job done. Us writers have to elude to the act, subtext the event so it's silent, unseen, but nevertheless deadly. We add the drama, the angst of trying to hold it back, but in the end, we are all just bags of wind.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unemployment Woes Begone...

In the past, this nation showed its resilience to economic downturn by calling on its most organized element - the US military. The PWA and CCC were put together to keep the economic situation from sliding the nation into the abyss. Today the military is too busy and too bureaucratic to be of any use unless it redirects its energy from fighting an endless war with Islam.

We seemed to have lost our ability to correctly assess a situation and act accordingly. It’s clear to intelligent people anywhere that you can’t sustain a welfare state with sinking revenues caused by unemployment figures that rise. The tax dollars coming in are less than the benefits paid out. The spiral to total financial ruin hangs in the balance. Elementary engineering economics (seldom taught in college anymore) makes that clear. This burden is further being exacerbated by the idea that debt is free.

With the great divide being created by the wealthy distancing themselves from the working class, less understanding of how to cope or even to care enough to try, broadens the gap. Our government has become our royal family and all those attached depend on the stability of the empire are dragging the once great machine of America into mediocrity. The middle class of America is facing serfdom.

We have all the talent and the resources to reverse these trends if we care to. I believe even those hanging on to unemployment benefits will finally realize with 20,000 college graduates joining the ranks of the unemployed each year, the chances for the more elderly ones that lost their jobs grows dimmer with each graduating class. So where is the answer? It lies with reinventing the working class so some day they can reestablish the middle class. Is that a good thing? Yes, even if the rich don’t want to share, they need to understand they are standing on the backs of a well established spending middle class. The whole thing collapses without that commercial consumption. In fact, America is the golden goose for the world economy. It would not be wise to cook it.

We have the ability to start government organized, military disciplined projects that can create massive job opportunities overnight. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. It only requires a trust in the government. So how do we create trust in our centralize assets in Washington when they have demonstrated over and over again how unworthy they can be? We have to stop supporting wars that are based on remolding civilizations centuries old into our image. It blinds us from realizing we have alienated a huge portion of the human population on the planet. We should fight our enemies not all their neighbors and friends. We get the job done and leave. We need our military back home to correct the mess we have created in our own backyard. We need to establish projects to correct the sagging infrastructure. We need to bring home the electronics industry from foreign lands. We need to stop teaching dribble in our schools and start teaching how modern technology works, how banking works, how legal order is established - all lost skills graciously pushed to offshore entities. A great country is not a service oriented country. A great country is a leader in manufactured goods that motivates economic growth. Who really wants to be some other country’s servant?

We have to rearrange laws, codes, and business practices that allow outsiders from taking advantage of us. Our universities provide much of the research in new technologies directly to foreign sources, because of money lines. Our most valuable businesses, including food distribution, are owned by foreigners that don’t have our nation’s interests in mind. We allow foreigners to come to this country legally or illegally to have babies to establish a beach head to bring in whole lineages of people that come to take advantage, and not necessarily to have respect for our values. Everything that Thomas Jefferson feared most, we are carrying out by spineless rhetoric spewing out of politicians entrusted with our Constitution.

There are vast new industries coming into view with green technologies. We talk about it, but it’s the industrial might of Asians countries that do something about it. They come up with wind, solar, and hybrid cars solutions way before we can wade through all the ghastly bickering that regulates us into a straight jacket. No one wants to give an inch. All of these tendencies have to be cast out like last night’s garbage.

The answer to unemployment is to motivate those out of work to create their own businesses, to join for their own common good, to approach those with business savvy - chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs, business conferences of all sorts - to create new jobs that never existed before. Going back to where we were is ridiculous. We need to grow a whole new crop of Americas that can form a tax base large enough to bail out the country this time, and not the other way around.

We need our politicians to turn from their luxurious lifestyle and help out. We need the government to bring together skill sets too vast for the common man to muster. We need our military leaders to keep the path clear, to provide the organization to get a grip on the current situation. If we fail, a dark pall falls over all people who love freedom. Freedom is not an automatic right, it’s a privilege granted by a compassionate government. Those that think human civilization doesn’t need government to guide them are grossly na├»ve. Only barbarians can live without the rule of law and order that government can provide. We just have to make sure our government is for the people and not against them.