Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretzel Logic

We live in a time where bankruptcy is a strategy for success; politicians hide tax increases by calling them fees. We redefine words to take advantage of each other. How is a writer supposed to deal with this? If you can't depend on the dictionary to supply a viable meaning for your thoughts, then how can we actually communicate or even think?

From computers we get codes. After all, everything that you can do with networked electronics is the interpretation of ones and zeros. The clever demons amongst us are playing us for all we've got by manipulating our codes.

Business majors go to Harvard and Yale not to make America a better place to live or protect our economic future. They go to learn how to merge companies, strip off redundant administrative departments and harvest those people's salaries as booty.

Churches that preach purity of souls are filled with pedophiles and homosexuals and probably have been since the first crucifix was nailed to a monastery wall.

We live in a time of awareness of just how crazy mankind has become. We are a nation of peace-loving warriors. We export guns, missiles, and perverted movies and call ourselves the cultural center of the universe. The one reason aliens aren't seen is they wouldn't be caught dead in our wacked out world that we have created. They moved on to more sane planets a long time ago.

This may be the result of the rat maze syndrome of crowding animals together to a point where they lose their sensibility and are illogically defensive and become crazed. We have become so crowded we are altering our own planet. Go to Australia for the wonderful sunshine. Yeah, and be fried because of the hole in the ozone layer "down under."

What I'm saying is what use to be firm ground is now quicksand. Axioms of intelligent thought have now become the basis for fraud claims. We are at a juncture where we need to redefine ourselves, because old benchmarks, touchstones are now breaking down. We have outstripped our usefulness and have become a burden to our own existence. What will we do? How will we cope? Where will we find the resilience to survive our own designs?

The challenge for future writers is to capture the essence of this new reality and find accurate definition of same. Persuasive lies have become reality. Spin doctors are just witchdoctors—word warlocks. The truth is remolded from liquid thought. Ingots of the new world order have to be stamped for validity backed by the vanguards of humanity. This lofty goal may only be possible by gods or angels.

When you sit down and talk to nerds, the common theme is mankind is the weak link. Machines are far more desirable. People are the messy variable in the equation that ruins the recipe. Computers and code are pure, not mankind. The wish is to replace people with machines. Scary? It's not a joke to the Vulcan mind of youth.

Were the Mayan's right? Will we collide with the wall of doom in 2012 and be flattened into stardust? The writing on the wall should be cataloged, analyzed, and researched for truth. We need a glossary of terms that matches our redefinition of ourselves. When you write you have to come up with fresh ideas, plots, characters; but what's new under the sun? Everything.

If you can understand the pretzel logic of our times, the zeitgeist of what's happening now, you have the lyrics for our swan song.