Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Wars

What's going on in your neck of the swamp? I've been swamped, so to speak, with the holidays, grand kids, and general mayhem with the church music program and the onslaught of Santa Claus and his band of gift givers. I'm never ready for this holiday. I have no idea what "meaningful, thoughtful" gift to give anyone, and if I could, it would be way beyond my means to buy it. I look at it as another form of taxation levied on us by retail merchants. The wife takes all this more seriously and covers us for the obligatory gift per near relative and various close non-family members and the immediate family. Of course, if you expect to get a gift yourself, you have to invest in multiple gifts outgoing. It's almost like drawing fire in a gift war. Someone fires the first volley and the next thing you know is your bank account is gone, and you receive a neck tie as compensation for serving you country, a badge of courage you can wear on your dress uniform. The critically wounded that over spend on others are now subject to losing house and home to the tacky wrapping paper wars. Yes, I've had enough Christmas for a lifetime. No wonder people load the eggnog with whiskey. Chuckle,'s not that bad, but it's fun to write about it.

Actually, we bought a real tree this year. I'm still gift-bound and helpless to figure out what to get people. I narrowed it down to one for the wife, that's it. What I like most about the whole affair is the orange icing on the Pillsbury buns on Christmas morning. The kids have fun being buried in new toys, but after the camera flash burns wear off and your sight returns, I'm ready to move on to New Year's. I just want to make it into the next year. The current year is like a heavy anchor you just want to cut away. Yeah, 2011!