Friday, April 29, 2011

Seeing the Trees in the Forest

Looking at the forest of words before me, I search the underbrush and thickets to find value for the reader. As the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style emerges from behind corporate sized computer cabinets, filled with all the latest modifications to the mother language, I hesitate to rely on my past experience to find my way through the saplings and poison ivy of this new forest. The language is filled with new species of flora. The needles on the pines are particularly sharper, the rustic colors are becoming more ghastly, and the snarly branches harder to navigate.

There seems to be a pattern of crudeness creeping into our speech that in turn bribes the written language into corruption. There is a hollow ring to sentences that are full of technical terms that in themselves are whole disciplines of science and engineering. Even if we recognize the word and have a vague idea of its meaning, we have no understanding of where the word comes from, the nest it hatched in, or the beast that was borne from its use.

Language now has a chemical corrosiveness and a metallic taste. The floral patterns of pastoral grace have given way to I-beams of corporate desire. Romantic moonlight is replaced with daylight tungsten set at 5400 Kelvin filtered through nylon coming from soft light boxes. Beauty is in the eye of the photo-graphic designer, layering skin and tones to give us optimized good looks. The words that follow to describe and record all of this are ledgers not prose.

We are deceived by acronyms composed of acronyms all designed to further encode our world. The language of our times is fragments into primary particles like with the physicist’s cyclotron. We smash words together, break them apart and text the results with swollen thumbs on tiny broadcasting devices, telling our life’s story minute by minute, second by second. Our poetry rattles like a machine gun. We store words and pictures at such a rate as to fill canyons with diatribe, yesterday’s news, and our ever burp, gulp, or grunt.

Words are a human’s way to communicate thoughts, build on ideas to reach greater enlightenment. I fear by the time a 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style is conceived, there’ll be no words, just strings of ones and zeros, pulses of light, as humans stare into light bulbs, dazed and bewildered. We will have succeeded in breaking down our language into its basic elements, but our ability to converse with the spheres lost in a forest of time. We won’t see the beauty of the Milky Way; we will only see pin points of light. When asked to describe the event, we will text OMG 2G2BT IDBI :).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Social Insecurity

I've contributed to Social Security since 1962. Now that's is time for the system to pay back, all I hear is the politicians telling me, sorry we ran that train into the side of the tunnel and it ain't coming out the other end. Thanks. I sat down and calculated the value of the money placed in their hands. If instead, I would have had it to invest in the simplest of savings account, I'd been worth a little over $2 million dollars today. Somewhere along the way, even the most trusted servants in their zeal to better themselves have dropped the torch in water. We wonder in darkness now as a result.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spin the Bottle

Why don’t people relate cause and affect? We see politicians and TV pundits develop all sorts of believable lies and thrust them onto the public in hopes of creating a new world order or getting a group of people to follow their deceptive logic. Many times the sad conclusion is to follow them off a cliff. If they are really clever, you follow the imaginary leader off the cliff and the soothsayer is left unscathed at the top of cliff quietly saying, “Suckers.”

It’s hard enough for some to relate even more direct examples like beating your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop. Really? What I’m getting at with this article is the vast majority of us fill out the broad bulge of the bell-shape curve of intelligence and are a long ways from the sharpies at the high end of the curve where their numbers are slight as well. But we have to become curve shifters. We have to wake up and understand cause and effect. We don’t have a father-figure government anymore that is there to protect us. In fact, they are busy taking advantage of us. Otherwise, you will always be poor, disadvantaged, and last in line. Why, because the ability of the sharpies to take it all away from you has never been greater.

Just look at where you are right now, 2011; put a map-pin on your board of life. Four hundred individuals in this country control over 30% of the total wealth of the country. Nearly half of everything you make goes into public servant’s salaries - some of it, of course, goes into services they perform, but really, how often do you see them doing something for you? Most of that money is consumed by them personally. Where does this leave Joe American out in the Great Plains facing this vast economic shifting and shell game being played out by the sharpies?

There is no basic human skill more relevant to success than understanding cause and affect. When you observe activities and actions of others around you and don’t pick up on the affects being generated, you are not hearing the water rumble in time to avoid going over Niagara Falls (without a barrel). When public servants vote themselves in huge benefit packages and salaries, so greedy that they exceed the revenues coming in that they manage, you have to be an idiot not to realize you are being taken in by a con-artist. But you see this in the news every day.

When Congressmen take in millions of dollars in contributions by wealth industries to adjust the law so that entity doesn’t have to pay taxes or shifts great opportunities in their direction, or turn the other way when they want to create indiscretions, most of us in the middle suffer.

When jobs are sent overseas and industries closed in this country, this allows these unworthy landlords to register their companies in countries that don’t levy taxes, we don’t notice that also allows them to not pay taxes here, their country, America. You can bet a lot of money goes under the table to these dubious sponsors. That’s cause and affect wearing a disguise. These people aren’t Americans; they are thieves working the neighborhood. The effect they should be feeling is deportation. Let them live in the Third World Country they are so chummy with.

The politicians have been pandering to this behavior for at least 30 years, maybe 50, and we haven’t been observing the affects. All that money that slipped through the cracks could have rebuild or better put, maintained our infrastructure, shored-up a valid educational system, or a million other wholesome activities for a healthy America. No, we didn’t make the connection. We sat on our hands.

You either figure out the cause and affect of things or lose your ass. Take that to the bank.