Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodbye California

I just read and article by Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, the editor of Makers of Ancient Strategy: From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome , and the author of The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern where he discussed the decay of California ethos in the back country that has been caused by policies in Sacramento and the massive acceptance of illegal aliens that have basically set up small city-states within abandoned regions spotting the major agriculture areas in California caused by the impact of misguided governing. Here is my response to the people on the article's email list:

What we should glean from this tirade is politicians don't solve problems, they discuss causes and if elected, promise to make them go away. We have relied on politicians to deal with issues we don't want to touch, don't know how, or if we did, would be arrested by our own judicial system. This article talks about effects. We are just now becoming aware that cause AND effect go together.

Diversity is worshiped in this country as the great future builder, the answer to social issues, but in every other country in history, this is the very thing that broke nations into city-states and later to warring nations. In American, if you aren't interested in the American culture, but came here to plunder, you are no better than a pirate or insurgent invader. That's why legalizing aliens IS relevant. Being invested IS important. Diversity is best represented by legals on one side and illegals on the other, preferably a border. Absorbing dislike and non-compliance for our system is not acceptable. It signals we don't care. If you want to impose your value system on us, go ahead. If you proceed to obtain citizenship, you become American and your cultural background is respected, but flag-waving diversity is anarchy to most scholars. What we are, is afraid to face the effects of these causes.

During the Vietnam war, Mr. MacNamera disbanded the Southern Air Command which resulted in no attention given to the southern border. The southwest has always been ignored by the rest of the country. I come from New Mexico and the New Mexico magazine jokingly has a piece at the end of each issue called one of the 50 is missing, documenting cases where even the central government in Washington officially loses New Mexico all the time. They think it is part of Old Mexico. Students that apply to Harvard are turned down because they aren't taking foreign students that year.

Ignorance is rampant in this country at the highest levels. The last recognized statesman (woman) prior to Hillary Clinton was Henry Kissinger and he was German and that was 40 years ago. We tend not to be aware of other cultures and live in a commercialized bubble of elitist luxury or the attempt to gain it for our selves as job one. Nothing else is on our radar. The only reason we care about student test scores is because we are rated low. It's all a sports game. We don't have a clue why this is happening, we just want to be "number one" and go have a beer.

What this article points out is we are way down the road of the crumbling away of American values, if we could even list a few - let's see, what are they? Unfortunately, we let Hollywood and gangsta-rappers define too much of our ethos. Many laid-back nations in history are gone and are no longer players. As the rich get richer and have better things to do than worry about peasants, the problem gets larger. The "nation" is outraged at low academic test scores, but don't have a clue that third-world children filling the schools where English is a secondary language, don't do real well on tests aimed in a different direction than they are going. It's not the kids fault and if you talk to them, they are bright and smart with lots of enthusiasm. The number of these kids is so great, one couldn't possible expect superlative scores on these tests. If you add to this all the kids from broken homes, divorced parents, single parent homes, lack of core support that the "norm" has, you could better understand, of course we have lower scores. So how do we react - blame the teachers, fire the teachers, and add more bureaucracy. That is just plain stupid and demonstrates ignorance of the cause and effect.

I have a daughter that has taught elementary kids in California for years. She is also fluent in Spanish. The one way to improve the first generation Americans from Spanish speaking backgrounds, whose parents don't speak English, is to be able to communicate with these kids in Spanish and to communicate with the parents in their native tongue. The concepts are conveyed and the students move on. But the cultural and emotion connections have to be laid out first. It does not mean that the system caters to moving to all Spanish and doomsday will result. That is yet another example of rampant ignorance bordering on stupidity. You can't effectively teach anything if the message doesn't transmit to the learner. Once on the path to catching up with those that soar in school because they understand the language, real progress emerges. These kids are bright. This isn't diversity, this is compatibility and acceptance of our system not an independent state. But what did the bureaucrats do? They dropped the grants for bi-lingual teachers. They walked away from a perfect solution for many problems and yes, better "scores." Why? Because politicians only cater to the loudest voices (you know - that old song I have to be re-elected). Who were the loudest voices - ignorant Americans.

The verbs teach and learn are separate words for a reason. If you aren't willing or have a different agenda, you can teach your guts out and the learning won't take place. Stability of a nation depends on the educational system that binds our ideals together so we can unite in our efforts and nation-build together. Diversity is the basis for tearing down with the intent to re-build into something different. You know...united we stand...remember than one?

If you think diversity is just different types of pottery in Pier One Imports, you are dim witted. Diversity means I don't accept your value system and intend to change it into mine. Wake up people. We want and need to bring foreigners into OUR system legally not bend over backwards to accommodate values that are incompatible with everything we stand for. If they can't deal with that, then they need to leave. You know - you are illegal so the judge says bye-bye. We have the way and means, but lack the muster.

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