Friday, June 24, 2011

Switching Horses in Mid-Stream

Life used to be a bit more mechanical and easier to understand. The same cycles would come around over and over. If you fell off the merry-go-'round, you just waited and your spot came back and you climbed back on, but today mechanics have shifted into this ethereal world of electronics. Relationships have ratings like TV shows. Leadership is bought and sold to sway the ship to a different port. If you swim out to meet your ship that's been diverted, I'm afraid you might drown before you find it.

It's like life in America without a car. With the exception of places like New York City, you can't even have a job without a car, get groceries, or get medical help. There are no house calls, friends walking over, or even the ability to cross a road on foot. The landscape has changed.

My challenge to you to get your mojo fired up again is to stick you finger in the light socket of this electronic age and use your God given writing talent to load up Amazon with a thousand Kindle short stories. I know you can write them.

What's going on here is close to the Bolshevik Revolution for writers. Overthrow the imperial class that have sucked the wealth out of writing in this country like a dry sponge with their lock on who gets published and/or distributed and take advantage of the level playing field called the Internet.

I wouldn't even try to publish a paper book anymore. It's expensive and a dead-end in this down economy. But it doesn't make sense to put it into an e-book and climb aboard the bandwagon of worldwide, 24/7 sales availability, and marketing and distribution that Amazon provides for zero dollars.

So there you go - get cracking and write some short stories. Maybe this is more motivation. I'm doing the same thing as fast I can, so catch me if you can.

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