Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It’s open season for contest buffs again. I just heard about an e-book contest for authors to compete for a website to list their e-book and a link to Amazon for purchase. Oh goodie. You also get a sticker to use to market with. Big whoopee. Well, after hundreds of thousands of dollars are dragged in for this contest, the owners can easily give one person a few thou. Winning! You can get that same recognition and nation-wide dispersion telling people about your book and receive feedback from those that are interested for free on FoxandQuill.com.

I know it’s hard to resist these fast-track operators, and it’s true that one person will get a dinner and hand shake, but there is no guarantee that throwing your money at these contests will do you any good at all. And this one was more than twice the cost of the average ones I’ve seen. The lure of the author contest is like the lure of your local Indian casino. They are the ones making the money not the few braggarts that happen to win a pot. Those that keep going back are guaranteed to be fleeced based on mathematical odds. If these schemes had the authors in mind, they’d be $5 tops to cover mundane expenses. The reason the cost is so high is to limit the numbers of entries that they can handle and get the same gains.

What does work is doing the hard work to build book trailer videos, interviews on local TV and radio, giving lectures to groups that would be interested in the topic of your book. You build momentum from local to regional, expanding the number of people that recognize you. If your book or e-book version is great, it will gain momentum on its own and you will be chasing it.

You can place your bookcopy on Amazon Kindle for free, the world’s largest distributor and marketers on the planet. If you really want to make some progress, go that way and make money, not spend it. Winning!

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