Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mind Over Metal

Hmm. Rethinking old age...? It is frightening to realized us carbon forms are really a jelly mess of hairs and bumps. Machines are so much more clean and functional. I get depressed thinking how everything around me that's electronic or mechanical is better looking, doesn't age, and stares at me with condescending amber and green LEDs, judging me.

When I first noticed my hair falling out, I didn't pay it much mind. It became a headline in my bathroom mirror when I noticed that the hair left was starting to look like a badly weeded garden. It wouldn't comb right, pieces stuck up at odd angles, and patches were forming. People would tease me about comb-overs. With what, I would belt out. Thin skin that has ripples, biceps that are bygones, blue patches of lost veins that look like they just came loose inside. And yet the machines are bright and shiny as ever. I may have myself stuffed just to show them up.

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