Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hallowed Halls of Congress

Here we are on Hallow’s Eve, not the one where children seek candy, but the one where adults cast ballots like so many ninja star-daggers. Maybe the Mayan’s were right and their calendar not so accurate. They missed the End by 46 days. It matters not who is the President, because the job is a trophy position. What matters is in the dark shadows deep within the houses of Congress. The divisions of those who call themselves conservative and those that call themselves liberal have exposed the inner core of humanity and its worst behavior. What we see is, yes there are ultimately only two types of people in the world; those that are creative and need liberation to function and those that aren’t that get what they want by manipulating talent to make money. Both ends of the spectrum are idealistically based. The Right justified by God and the Left justified by equality. Both require compassion to exist together. The only difference between the gangs on the streets like the Bloods and the Cripps and the men in Congress is the ones in Washington wear suits. The same hate is on their faces. Maybe less tattoos.

I just witnessed a moderate quit the Senate today on a news show. He tried for 18 years to bring sanity to the work of Congress and got booed out of a job, pushed in fact. He became an untouchable within the culture of hatred found on the Hill. It brings to mind when must the next Civil War occur in America? We watch the Arab Spring conflicts, but we didn’t learn. We watch most of the world sliding into the fundamental groups of conservatives that have theirs and the liberals that need to be free to breath and are not so motivated to take candy from the baby.

The preacher describes choice as being either good or evil, but a more easily understood description might be decisions that are either constructive or destructive. We all make choices to move down the road. We have taken the fork toward destructive and have embraced it. Taking the constructive road requires understanding and compromise of these two polar extremes that are part of human nature. But the moderate in the middle has become the target not the negotiator.

High do we rise above this petty behavior and face each other as grownups? We expect our children to have understanding and compassion – right? We won’t tolerate bullies on campus, but we promote them in the adult world. Good guys come in last was the mantra in the 80s and was put on paper in this century as creed. The sociopathic behavior can be enhanced by computer systems that watch and pounce on opportunity, search for weakness in competitors. Mathematical precision can be applied to take advantage of those not aware they have been targeted. In fact, military terms are used daily to describe business practices. It’s amusing and we tend to think it is just a style, a figure of speech. Not when it is actually being practiced. I remind you of the moderates being pushed out of Congress. It has become just another reality show where the ones that don’t benefit the tribe get voted off the island.

Conservatives don’t need taxation and abhor it. Why, because they know how to make money. They don’t like money being taken from them. It throws off the bottom line. Liberals don’t know how to make money, but are rather good at using it to fund programs that benefit the masses. It’s always been that way. And to do it, they need taxation. We have driven up the cost of making money to a frenzied high with our dependency on high tech, expensive, support systems. We have displaced face-to-face discussion with telecommunicated policies. We have armies of lawyers on both sides to get the opinions and practices on paper to become the rule of law and the most clever of these procedures is to push aside laws that were once there to protect each other for laws that swing favor to select groups. We have used our own whip to beat ourselves into economic slavery. Slight tweaks in choices product billion dollar swings. No wonder conservative are edgy. On the other hand, in what was the richest country in the world, millions can’t see a doctor or have seen there job shipped overseas. They depend on the conservative side to provide for them a means to keep their lives together. The conservative side doesn’t need them anymore, because they can find cheaper replacements elsewhere to cover the massive costs of keeping this precarious system functioning. Both have valid concerns and thus can justify the anger and hatred that has developed as a result. What is not being seen is that both sides share the same bed and bathwater. It is self-destructive to continue down this path.

So on November 7 will our country pull together or pull apart. If we go, the world tumbles. We were all worried what the Mayan’s were thinking was the earth itself breaking apart and spinning off into oblivion. We don’t give them enough credit for understanding conservative and liberal thinking people. I feel sure they went down this same path, spurred by the nature of their humanity. So what did they do about it? Hmm, they don’t exist anymore.

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